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Helping Youth in Need

Dakin Chase Foundation is committed to helping the  youth in all communities have a place to go if they feel unsafe. We will help you as a restaurant get connected with social programs in your town and introduce you to training on how to help at risk youth. Just put the yellow butterfly in your window and kids will know you welcome them in and have resources to help. While they wait they have wifi, a warm space and something to eat.

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Change Starts Here

Dakin Chase Foundation wants to put people in a position of realizing thier own potential by giving them powerful tools to elevate themselves. We are in the beginning stages of putting together mini retreats in Sylvan Lake.  This retreat will have spirit lifting speakers, experiences and connections that will have people leaving feeling like a new person capable of achieving whatever they put their mind towards. We will have several spots open for people who were nominated to participate that will be free for them through our fundraising efforts.

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November 2022

Our Awards gala celebrates those in our communities that are already making an impact. The evening will celebrate 4 individuals.

The Monarch- A pillar in his and her community. This is a life time achievement award. This person is a giver who elevates those around them. Each year we celebrate a man and a woman on their achievements. 

Little Sulphar is an award for a youth who has overcome so much and still gives, remains kind to others all while achieving the best they can at school. This is a scholarship award.

Anise Swallowtail Award. This is a unique loan award for a someone who has an idea for a business that will have a positive social impact.  They have shown that they are capable, they have a plan and they have tried to get going but have financial barriers. We help them get started and award them a unique loan to achieve their dreams. We get them going in the right direction then let them fly.  

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